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DaggerfallCovenantWith The Elder Scrolls Online going free to play in March I started playing it again. I find it to be a refreshing change from Warcraft and it stokes my general love for the Elder Scrolls franchise. With that I created a Lost Dorks guild in the ESO world. There are no server shards/realms for ESO. They call it a Mega Server. Guilds even cross factions but it is easiest for everyone to start in the same faction. You should be able to mail Baerd, my main in game for an invite, or ping me via IM/whatever.

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Guild Leader: Baerd Gregstan


Agathezol is a gamer, programmer, father, husband, and musician. When he's not writing blog posts nobody reads he generally writes protocol stacks, network code, and core telecommunications software but has dabbled in game design, web programming, mobile device software, and desktop software.

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