Surviving in Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a game of survival. Keeping well fed is something that helps achieve that goal, but it does not guarantee it.

There are may ways to die.

I suppose now is a good time to explain how to play.

You can move around by clicking or by using the WASD keys.

“Q” and “E” rotate your view, be careful to not get disoriented!

“M” is for the map
“TAB” shows you the current players
“Y” is for chat
“U” is for whisper, whatever that means

Day One:

You appear at a Jury-Rigged Portal. You are well fed, so food isn’t as urgent as it will be tomorrow.

Today’s priority should be finding a source of light because when darkness falls, you will most certainly die without it.

Fire is a great source of light. To build a fire you’ll need some wood. Gather some twigs by picking saplings. If you happen to see some flint you should gather that as well. With flint you can make an axe which is a very handy tool for gathering wood.

If you cannot find flint before dark, I sure hope you have picked some grass. With grass you can make a torch to keep the darkness at bay.

To make these items check out the menu at the left. The top icon looks like an axe and a pick and has a mouseover of “Tools”. The next icon is a flame looking thing and is labeled “Light”.

If you click “Tools” you will see a submenu. The top item is “Axe”. If you can build one of these, you really should. Handy for chopping down trees for logs as well as for thwacking monsters who think you might be tasty.

If you click “Light” then you can build “Campfire”, “Firepit” and “Torch”. Any of these will keep the shadows away while helping keep your wits about you. A couple you can even cook with. Careful though, you don’t want to start any forest fires .. yet.

Congratulations! You might have just survived one full day!
Day Two and Beyond.

Now you should start thinking about all sorts of other things.

Setting up a base of operations is handy. Make a Pickaxe from the Tools menu. Put a Firepit down somewhere convenient. Gather everything you can. Mine every boulder. Keep a keen eye out  or Gold because you need it for a Science Machine .. and those are awesome.

Pick berries and carrots, gather seeds. These are food and should be cooked over your evening fire for the most benefit.

Build a Science Machine as soon as you can.
Science Machine:

Yes! You’ve successfully built a Science Machine while avoiding starvation and all other manners of death!

When you stand next to it the menu on the left gets all aflutter. Options are now open to you. You can create many things.

The menus can be a little confusing.

Green means you can make it, even if it has a lock symbol.
Lock symbols mean you have not yet made a prototype of the item.
Black means you can make it if you only had the materials
Grey with a lock means you can’t make it. Maybe you need another device nearby?

Additional notes:

* If you become a ghost you can resurrect at the Jury-Rigged Portal. Being a ghost might make everyone else insane.

* Wait until trees are mature before cutting them down.  Replant them with pinecones.

* Check out the Lost Dorks server


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