OSX Naga Razer

Craig had some issues with his Naga under OSX. Here are his notes on getting it (and some other things) going:

Download Bartender 4 on WoW matrix. If you want to move your cast bar around also download Quartz. The real key is you have to do the trick below to be able to link keys like alt/control/shift to your mouse.

Navigate to hard disk icon/Applications/Utilities/ and then open application called “Terminal”

once this is open, copy and paste this line into it and hit enter (make sure wow is NOT open when you do this)

defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft disable-expose-fix -bool YES

after doing so, quit terminal like you would any other application.

After doing this, log into WoW. In the add ons menu, deactivate all your Razer Naga add ons and activate Bartender4. Reload the GUI. You can left or right click on Bartender4 to set options, which are pretty straight forward. Use the key bind option in Bartender4 to reset your keys as you see fit. As you can see on my picture, I have several 3×4 action bars (you can customize however you want with Bartender). I made each grid of 12 either the 1-12 buttons on the Naga, then I went to the next grid and clicked each box with alt-1 alt-2 etc., then went to the next grid and clicked shift-1 shif-2 etc. You can also use combo’s like alt-control-1 or shift-control-1 etc. You can see in my pic I made my druid stance bar alt1-4 for each stance. Now, instead if the 12 buttons on the Naga you can bind clicks on the mouse to alt/shift/control, which makes the mouse that much more cool. You can also hover over let’s say your mount, click one of the buttons behind the scroll wheel, and it links it right to it. You have to go into terminal though in your utilities with the fix listed above to get the mouse keys to bind yo your keyboard clicks. It only takes a minute or so.

Oh my lord, did this make any sense?


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