LostDorks Rules

The LostDorks guild is made up of Adults. The mumble channel can get R rated and during guild-night events we like to have fun. That said, there are some basic governing rules that are mostly understood but spelled out here in case they aren’t.

  • Don’t be a dick
    — “What a dick” is a common thing to hear in our guild. Understand that a lot of our players have known each other for decades and know each other’s limits and buttons. If you aren’t sure if something is going to be viewed as callous or rude, find out.
  • Keep your building area’s PG-13.
    — I realize we are an adult guild with an adult mumble channel but we have kids who play on the server and would like to keep things somewhat civil.
  • No griefing
    — We play a lot of open-world survival, non-competitively. This means, don’t steal from people, break their constructions, or otherwise mess with them in ways they may not like. Now, sometimes a friendly pit trap is just that…
  • Communicate
    — Something you don’t like? Something you want the guild to do? Tell us! We mostly just like playing games with cool people. Minecraft is fun and varied, but we’ve played World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, 7 Days to Die, Ark, and other games over the years. Some things to keep mind game-wise: we are pretty diverse, some of us only play on Linux or MacOSX so that really great new windows game you got isn’t going to see a lot of movement necessarily. Additionally after WoW a number of us are opposed to games with monthly subscription fees at this point, but hey, there is no harm in asking if there is something awesome you want to play.
  • Invite others carefully
    — We have a very relaxed dynamic. If you are thinking of inviting someone to the guild keep in mind how they would fit into that dynamic. If you think there might be problems maybe don’t invite them or Communicate with the folks that might cause issues and see if it is really as bad as it seems.