Soartex Textures

I’m a huge fan of texture packs for minecraft. Sphax is my favorite pack but it can be a bit heavy with some installations. As such, I’ve put together my second favorite pack (it’s a close second), Soartex, for the LostDorks server. You can download it here.

2015-09-25_13.18.53 2015-09-25_13.18.59 2015-09-25_13.19.09 2015-09-25_13.19.17 2015-09-25_13.19.30 2015-09-25_13.20.50 2015-09-25_13.35.22 2015-09-25_13.35.25 2015-09-25_13.35.44 2015-09-25_13.35.45 2015-09-25_13.35.49


Agathezol is the leader of the Lost Dorks guild, a father, programmer, and gamer.

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