Silver DPS

I’ve done silver DPS as a Prot Paladin, Ret Paladin, and Frost Mage at this point. Here are my observations, mostly on RDPS but this is what worked for me as a mage.

Round 1

First round is pretty straight forward, two low health guys. Just kill one, then the other.



Round 2

Round 2 you have a higher health guy (purple) and a group of smaller rabbit guys. Dropping a DOT on the purple guy and then aoe-ing the rabbits is a good way to go. If you have a wide-range AOE (like blizzard) and you position it just so you can actually hit all 7 enemies at once but it may not be worth risking misalignment to do this.

When I did this as prot I stood between purple and the center green, focusing on pruple and keeping aoe going the whole time. As a mage I used blizzard on the group as well as ice nova to do lots of aoe damage, again targeting the top center green triangle there. Then  I single targeted down the purple and cleaned up any stragglers using normal frost rotation.


Round 3

On round 3 you get an amber caster. These guys are you friends. Do not kill them until everything else is dead. Start by standing due east of center, sort of on the arch around the eastern circle. This way the amber will hit the eastern purple guy. Kill him, then do the same thing but on the west side. I just blink over there and run the little ways I need. Once he’s dead DPS the amber caster in the middle, using your interrupt to prevent him casting any more amber. If he gets an amber off, no worries, kite it so it runs into him.


Round 4

Round 4 sees another amber caster and this time a bunch of varmints. No problem, just AOE DPS the group keeping an NPC between you and the amber caster until all of them are dead, then kill the caster using your interrupts and/or kiting the amber back onto him. Remember that you can damage these guys while they are encased in amber.


Round 5

Round 5 introduces a healer. Healers are bad. As you have no amber caster in this round you need to quickly DPS down the healer, interrupting as required, and then AOE the group.



Round 6

Round 6 is basically the same as round 5 except you have 3 enemies to contend with. AOE the group, interrupting the healer as required. Once the healer is dead down the other two. If your DOTs are better than your AOE dot up the two outside guys and then single target the healer, again interupting as needed.


Round 7

here you get a healer and an amber caster. I did this one by standing a the northern circle, putting the healer between me and the amber caster. single targeting the healer until dead. Then I moved due east, then west (ala round 3) taking out the two blue rectangles. Then I AOE the center until the two green triangles are dead, then single target the amber caster again interrupting as required once there are no more NPCs to absorb the amber.


Round 8

Round 8 gives 2 amber casters and a healer. This one requires more movement than previous rounds. I started due east, focusing on the healer. When the amber is cast I’d pop Icy Foes allowing me to cast while moving so I can continue my DPS while kiting the amber either back onto the healer or eastern amber caster (by blinking west). Once the healer was dead I moved onto the eastern amber caster, again standing due east of the center. This allowed the western caster’s amber to stun the eastern one and I just interrupted the eastern caster’s amber when he tried it. Once he was dead I moved slightly north-eastern so the remaining amber caster’s amber would hit the purple guy at the north while I DPSd him. The amber does damage and the purple guy has a fair number of hit points. Then I’d just down the last AC using kiting and single target DPS.





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