Highmaul DPS, Positioning

I’ve been doing some more reading on Highmaul today in preparation for another 10 man attempt on the 5th. To make the raid successful there are some suggested target numbers for DPS so fights don’t go too long, bosses don’t enrage etc. The Highmaul 10 man wants to be close to 12,000 DPS to prevent the fights getting to the ‘healers out of mana’ stage. It also sounds like with the recommended rotations off Noxxic this is pretty doable with a 630 item level. Given the raid boss v/s target dummy ratio I think you should be hammering your target dummy in your garrison for about 10,000 DPS for optimal raid effectiveness. If you aren’t please give the Noxxic site another read and see why that is. If you are close, don’t sweat it, we have some folks well above 12k, some sort of above it, and some below it so things can balance out.

For those who may need different glyphs for your chosen spec we have a number of inscriptionists in the guild, Toefur and Jerkstore come to mind.

I also did some reading on how to coordinate the first boss a little better by defining standing positions a little better (prevent getting thrown into the tiger pits etc). Next time we do it i’ll drop some world markers and coordinate the groups a little differently.

Looking forward to the next dedicated 10 man!


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