sysstat(sar), systemd and better stats

When installing sysstat on a systemd based installation there will be 3 services that get installed:

  • sysstat
  • sysstat-collect.timer
  • sysstat-collect.service

By default, sysstat will do its normal 1s/10m collectiof data, which isn’t great. But, you can change how sysstat collects data by modifying the sysstat-collect.service unit to change the sa1 command to:

Description=system activity accounting tool

ExecStart=/usr/lib/sa/sa1 -S XALL 60 1

This will cause sysstat to collect data for 60s and then write it out to the archive. This gives you a full minute worth of samples every minute, a much better statistic than 1s per 10 minutes worth of data, that is only 1/600th of the info you’ll likely want!

To make this work, you’ll also have to change the sysstat-collect.timer so it fires off the service every minute instead of once every 10 minutes. The timer unit should become:

# /usr/lib/systemd/system/sysstat-collect.timer
# (C) 2014 Tomasz Torcz <>
# sysstat-12.5.5 systemd unit file:
#        Activates activity collector every 10 minutes

Description=Run system activity accounting tool every 1 minute



Making these two changes will give you more accurate system statistics as well as all the system statistics information (like interrupts and such) that a process like netdata collects but in the compact, serialized data format used by sysstat which will save disk space and make maintenance through the cli more friendly.


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