SpaceShooter Game Test

I know, I was supposed to be using this weekend to build next week’s Carington content pack for Minecraft. Frankly, the success of last week’s run pushed some dabbling research I’ve been doing into full steam and I decided to finally work through some road blocks in development study and learn a thing or two. As a result, I’ve got a slightly modified version of the Unity live lesson’s “Space Shooter” desktop program that I’ve built. I say “I’ve built”, which I guess is technically correct, but more I took a class on how to build it, then changed it slighty, then packaged it up for mac, windows, and linux.

This is where I need a little help. I currently have an ancient mac, and a linux desktop. My ancient mac is too ancient to be adequate for testing anything and I don’t have windows. So, if you are inclined to be a guinea pig, please download the zip file for your platform and give this game a try. It’s basic, it’s arcade, it doesn’t do much, but I’d like to know if it plays, if you can hear the background sound track, if the laser blast sound is properly balanced with the background music, if the visual effects and particle streams seem to work properly for you. Or really, more importantly, if they don’t.

I need to know this because I’m considering a larger project and if my build environment doesn’t work right, that is going to be a major issue for me moving forward. So, if you decide to be my test subject, thanks a million. There is no code in this that should cause you any kind of trouble. If not, no worries, I hate testing things too.


Linux (x86_64 only)




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