7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a zombie-horror survival game set in a voxel-based world. It is similar to Minecraft in that you use the environment to survive (dig stone, cut trees, build tools) but different than Minecraft in that the zombies are SCARY. The setting for 7D2D is modern world after some great war/disease/whatever has wiped out most of the human race. You play a survivor struggling in a world that wants you to die.

Survival is difficult in 7D2D. You are required to gather food, find or purify water. You will want to find books that teach you how to tan hides into leather, how to build a simple forge and smelt some simple metals. You will want books to teach you how various weapons work and how to take them apart. Advancing in the world requires raiding cities and towns that populate the landscape. Cities and towns, as anyone who’s seen or played Resident Evil will know, are infested with Zombies so taking a friend to watch your back or just being really stealthy is pretty important.

7D2D is in alpha testing currently, and is available via early-release on Steam. Though it is an Alpha game, it is far enough along to be a mostly-stable fun ride. I’m greatly looking forward to future releases.

LostDorks has a 7D2D server running on the minecraft gaming server: minecraft.lostdorks.com, default port, default password(ask if you don’t know)


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